'Battlefield, What's It Cost, Searching...., Making Choices, The Quest...., To The Youth'


by John S.

What goes up must come down,

What goes around comes around,

Where there is a left, there is a right.

Where there is darkness, there will be light,

When there is a right, there is a wrong,

When something is weak, it can grow strong.


Once you die, there is no coming back,

You must separate myth from the fact,

It takes a strong mind to think,

But in this world you’ll lose everything in a blink,

Nothing remains the same,

We only have ourselves to blame.


People say we reap what we sow,

For every high, there is a low,

For all the pleasure, there is pain,

For all the sunlight, there is rain,

Gift or curse, you decide,

But do it without losing pride.


From Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,

You must choose between greed or trust,

Do you spread love or spew deceit,

Do you continue to fight, or give up in defeat,

Do you have any idea what you’re fighting for,

Question is:

Are you in the midst, or washed ashore?

The end


What’s It Cost

by John S.

My feelings have been masked by a cape,

My mind has been verbally scraped,

My emotions have been physically torn down,

My body has been smashed into the ground,

Trying to crawl to my knees to ask for help,

Desperately opening my mouth to not even hear a yelp.


Lost and this world is swallowing me whole,

My heart has frozen stone-cold,

Eyes searching, only could stare,

Mind has erased concerns, obliterated cares,

Hands hopelessly grip at what is not there,

Feet direct me towards a land many wouldn’t dare,

Seeking the courage to close my eyes,

Forcing myself to ignore the cries,

Been drowned in goodbyes,

Uselessly trying to erase all the cold-hearted lies,

Somedays I awake believing it was a dream,

Only to find the impression is how things seem to be.


This world seems to be an illusion,

I’m trapped in its evil acts of delusion,

Being fed so much false information,

Question is it real, or some hallucination,

Trapped in a world that’s falling apart,

Searching for the button to force a restart,

Trying to secure my position in this creation,

Seeking out my spot of location,

Trying to find where the dream became a reality,

Where falsehood became the actuality.


Struggling to separate myths from facts,

Fighting the urge to abandon it all and react,

This battle is one of a kind,

It’s fought and was all in the mind,

It’s a massacre for the lost,

Lost souls being the ultimate cost,

Burning in fire and brimstone,

I’ve been left all alone,

Subjected to purgatory of the mind,

Nothing left for me to find,

Seems to be I’m still lost,

My sanity pays the final cost.

The end.



By John S.

It seems my life is perplexed,

Maybe my whole outlook is just complexed,

Can’t help but to feel lost and confused,

Can’t erase the nightmares of being abused,

All the wrong places I search for the truth,

All the wrong ways I seem to move,

All the wrong situations I seem to react,

Now too far and there’s no turning back.


Trust has become an issue,

Betrayed by everyone, including you,

Many will try to explain my position,

Without living in the same conditions,

Many will try to explain my position,

Without living in the same conditions,

Many will try to sell you hope,

But you’ll seek alcohol and drugs to cope,

Trapped in this place of a system,

Concrete jungle full of anger and tension,

For wisdom and knowledge I’m hungry,

But ignorance and blindness is produced by society,

Now I’m trapped in this devastating pause,

Living the effect of my cause.


People talk about the scars on our faces,

But wouldn’t never trade places,

The rich are separated from the poor,

Roses from the thorns,

While love is a feeling many could only imagine,

Where hate is like feeling compassion,

We seek something we have in common,

While others ignore them,

Children don’t lose your way,

Find the path that leads to the next day.


I’ve roamed this land for many miles,

Searching faces, separating frowns from smiles,

Seeking to find what’s real,

Separating hate from what I feel,

The struggle has taken its toll,

Slowly destroying this man from being whole,

The future is very unseeable,

But the present is sadly unbelievable,

Mnay will seek to obtain education,

But be destroyed by false information,

In this world I try to find my place,

But one slip and the path is erased.


In the beginning there was birth,

In the end was pain, deceit, and hurt,

Between these two dates you decide,

Will you stand strong or run and hide,

We seek to walk together,

But must not ignore the weather, there’s a storm coming in,

It could be a blotch or the end,

We must learn to face our fears,

Or drown in our very own tears,

Today comes to an end,

But tomorrow the search begins.

The end.


Making Choices

By John S.

Making choices,

Let the people hear your lost voice,

Listen to the hurt, fear, and pain,

Listen as it always rains,

We’re here to open hearts and eyes,

For the many of people was need to realize,

Society is being torn down,

When we bury another child in the ground.


For every child that dies,

A sad mother cries,

For every child that is killed,

A gap is left in society that needs to be filled,

For every father that is locked away,

Another child is lost on his way,

For every mother locked up in jail,

Another child is more likely to fail.


When will we open our eyes?

When will our hearts open to the cries?

Will we put our pain aside,

And teach our children to walk with pride?

Will we realize what we do today lives

On in our children tomorrow,

Our wrong choices cause their sorrows,

Our children, we must live for them,

For the future looks very dim.


A new day has begun again,

We can make our stand or let it all end,

We can let our future vanish away,

To our graves we climb in to lay,

Forgetting what we need to do,

Going on acting as a fool,

But I must ask, what will that do,

When it’s your child missing you?

Good, bad, right, wrong,

Going up, coming down,

Staying weak, or growing strong,

Is the end we all have choices,

Will anyone hear your lost voice?

The end.


The Quest…..

by John S.

You can outrun a lot of things…

But… There are a few things






…So make today the first day

In the quest to keep pace

                To capture your destiny…

                                To seize your fate….

                To embrace your regrets for the

                                Change that needs to happen…

                                                But most important of all…


The quest begins for the search

For the love that rings so true,

The love that defines peace and


                The real love that is true


                Always remember,

                                It is not always the

                Fastest who wins…

                                But the one who follows

The path and never stops

Moving forward………

The end.


To the Youth

by John S.

                Today, you’ll begin a new verse in the song of your life. Take a moment to reflect on what has transpired over the years, and to build on what’s to come. Life hasn’t been easy, there have been so many twist and turns, lumps and bumps on this road. Sometimes the lows have outweighed the highs, and it has been difficult at times to see a better horizon for the tomorrows to come, but to this point you made it. No matter if you had to crawl and scratch or had it easy, you’re here. Nobody can take away who you are, where you are from, or what you have been through. However, you do determine where you go from here. There is an illusion and reality to life’s song. The illusion is “life is good, life is easy, I got this, don’t need nobody.” The reality is life isn’t easy, but we do need more than ourselves. Paths will be etched into the ground, choices will be made as to which paths to follow. Chosen wisely and the world will be at your fingertips. But chosen with total disregard to what is right, it will lead to bad choice after bad choice. Advice could be given from all directions of what you should do in every situation, but ultimately follow your heart and logic.

                Sit down today, and plan out goals to be set. Short term, mid term, and long term goals. At first don’t set goals that seem impossible, build your success with small steps first. Every goal set, once achieved leads to another goal on the horizon. The hope is always to achieve it, but there is no shame in falling short as long as you have put all you have into it, and more. Once you start knocking goals down, you’ll get incredibly closer to what was once considered impossible. Anything can be achieved with effort.

                Remember, there is a million and one things that could be said as to why you should do this or don’t do that. And there will be paths that lead to doors that could be opened, but everything opened can also be slammed shut.  But as sure as the sun rises and sets, the paths will appear. You must stay strong, stay sharp, stay young and never let a moment define you, define the moment. Never seem to be in a hurry, hurrying betrays a lack of control over yourself, and over time. Always seem patient, as if you know that everything will come to you eventually. Become a detective of the moment, the right moment, sniff out the spirit of times, the trends that will carry you to success. Learn to stand back when the time is not yet ripe, and to strike fiercely when it has reached fruition, for your life is a book. A book that contains volumes….which there are chapters, the pages of these chapters are the story you write today, that will determine the chapters to come tomorrow. Leave your mark everywhere you go and bring back at least one lesson from every moment.

 Signed by

A guy who wished he read this some 20 years ago.



Dear Dallis Westin,

Hello my name is John S. I am currently residing in Menard CC in Illinois Department of Corrections. Recently I was told of an open writing contest. First, thank you for the opportunity, second, I hope what I said can help in any way. I wasn’t told of any limit as to how much one could write, so I’m sending a few poems and a letter/essay. If there is a limit, I’d like the essay to be the priority. The rest you can still use for your fundraising.

Thank you


John S.