'Mirror of Truth & The Future'

Mirror of Truth & The Future

Demetrus P.

Dear the one youth opportunities,

I’m proud to participate and be a part of something so positive that I hope touch some kid and possibly save his or her life. I’m writing to explain this drawing however one wants to interpret this drawing I’m fine with, but my aim was to try and give a glimpse of a future and truth one could and should expect.

My thought was C.J. who is any boy or girl going through peer pressure is sitting in front of a truth and future mirror that shows a person future life depending on his or her choices. He is with two of his best friend. On the left the person tries to give him the gun and entice him to do wrong. His reflection is the enemy. I’m not saying his friend is the devil, only that his friend is also being manipulated. That path leads to prison or the grave, nothing more.

On the right this friend trys to get C.J. to go to school and pursue a career. He’s being honest that its not easy but theres so many ways to be successful. All you have to do is put in the hard work. His reflection depict the true friend and angel in disquise.

Once again its been a pleasure.

Demetrice P.