'To My Youth'

To My Youth

by Julius E.

What has become of us? We were once proud people. We had songs that ignited and inspired us like (I’m proud to be black and young gifted and black). Now look at us. We’re young, uncouth and strapped. We get our jollies off by making hand to hand transactions and packing four pound iron dragons that breathe fire and destroy families and communities. Our people has fallen from such a prestigious place (being Kings and Queens) to watching our youth faces come across the evening and nightly news and the news anchor stating (the police is looking for so and so, for this particular case). We are all familiar with the term, it takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when that village becomes afraid of its own children. People actually hate Hitler for destroying an entire race of people. Now look at what we’re doing, we’re following his blueprint. Douglas, Washington, Dubois, King, Young and so many others didn’t build us up, only to have ourselves tear us back down. Come on people, we’re swimming against the currents. What…do we not acknowledge our history or are we so hell bent on becoming history?  Truly gone and forgotten without a story or a legacy left behind. Or the stereotypical whispers of(him or her) is dead or in some prison institution doing time will suit you just fine. We should all strive to be more for our lives is a gift from God to our parents. So let’s make the best of it, instead of having our elders look upon us saying (what has become of us)…