'Dance With My Daughter Again'

Dance With My Daughter Again

by Steven M. C.

The day you were born I cried and smiled,

I picked you up and whispered let’s dance for awhile,

Wrapped in a bundle, I spun you “round and “round.

Unspeakable joy in this father’s heart did abound.

This is where we let our memories begin.

That I could dance with my newborn daughter again.


When I get home and walk through that door,

I kiss my wife and baby girl.

Six months old, she crawls on baby’s knees.

Her brown eyes beckon daddy dance with me please.

No matter where I am or where I’ve been,

She knows I’ll always want to dance with my daughter again.


Three years old today and it’s time for our dance.

Butterfly kisses, standing on my feet, dancing hand in hand.

Danced we danced with a twist and a twirl.

A dance with Cinderella, my little girl.

She laughed and smiled, said ‘gin daddy ‘gin.

It brought me such joy to dance with my daughter again.


Years have passed now and we’ve been torn apart.

Yet love never ceases flowing from your father’s heart.

Each day I dance alone with only tears and a memory.

A daddy’s little girl, my daughter and me.

In her life Lord, I pray let me in.

That I may someday dance with my daughter again.