'From Me to You: Learn to Love Thy Self'

From Me to You: Learn to Love Thy Self

Demetrus C.

Food for thought: Man is the sum total of all his thoughts. By James Allen

As a person who grew up in the Belly of the Beast (ie. The ghetto’s of North St. Louis and the prison industries) I can honestly say that the greatest and most valuable lesson learned was to “Love Thy Self.”

Young, Black, and Frustrated, I lashed out in so many ways. Mostly Because I didn’t know how to express myself in a way that’s conducive to understanding. I also felt like no one would understand me even if I was to express myself. Feeling misunderstood, I never let anyone get close to me. Those that I did allow to get close was snatched away because of the struggles of everyday Ghetto Life (ie, death or jail). - But I had to learn to “Love Thy Self.”

Growing up in the ghetto we see violence, and poverty as just a way of life. You know, it was normal.  But it really hit home when your current condition of poverty is due to the drug abuse that your single mother is struggling with, and it doesn’t help that she’s never at home. Because of these circumstances and the addiction to Love (while in the womb of your mother) I searched everywhere. No matter where I searched, “Love” was unfound. Why was this? Because I was looking For Love in all the wrong places. - But I had to learn to “Love Thy Self.”

To whom it may concern: I grew up just like you: Fatherless, homeless and poor. As I got older I had children and even married my childhood sweetheart. I vowed to protect, guide, and Love my Family with all my heart, but I am in prison Forcing my beautiful stars to manage all alone. The greatest gift that I’ve ever given them was Five words: “Learn To Love Thy Self.”

Please allow me to share a few gifts with you:

Have confidence in yourself and find the courage to overcome FEAR. Changing the way we think isn’t easy but it is the first step to changing our condition. Understand that the Beauty of who you are is that voice that speaks to you from deep down inside. That voice is Love. The Spirit of God…Yes, “Love.” Learn to Love Thy Self.

Brothers and Sisters: Your existence is virtually synonymous to the u.n.i.verse. The u.n.i.verse is a system and within that system all living things depend on something else to survive and thrive. We need each other. We rely upon the trees for oxygen. We rely upon the environment for food. We rely on the sun to nourish our planet and without water, there would be no life. Man and Woman together with Love is a perfect combination. Man cannot produce life without Woman, and Woman cannot produce life without Man….But we must learn to Love thyself. You cannot give love if you don’t love self first.

To my young Black Brothers: If you want your Queen to Build with you, if you want her to trust your ability to be responsible, if you want her to Listen to you, if you want her to learn from you, if you want her to allow you to protect her, if you want your Queen to respect you: You must lead by example. In order to lead by example, you must Love Thyself first. Give all that you have and all that is in your power to be who you say you are. If you are that Educated Black Man, that King, that God, or that Boss, Be who you say you are. Be That! This is your Nature but this nature needs to be nurtured so that this world can truly see the reality of who you truly are, but first, whoever you are, learn to Love Thy Self in order to Love her. Through Loving Self you can teach your Star’s to Love and through this, Love is perpetuated Forever. Thus Breaking the cycle of Ghetto poverty. You see: just because you are living in the Hood/Ghetto doesn’t mean that you can’t find Love. “Love” dwell deep within.

Peace & Love.