'Look At Me'

Look At Me        

by Nathaniel H.

Look at me – doing life in the penitentiary

Certainly not what I dreamed my future to be

Everything started out so innocently

Got a high school diploma

Started runnin’ the streets

Look at me – misled and pressured by peers

Then drugs and alcohol kept me impaired

Deep in the quicksand that I called my life

Sinking deeper everyday

Nothing was going right

Look at me – no compassion, self-control or faith

Letting my emotions get in the way

Losing control one day at a time

Not only my judgment

But also my mind

Look at me – living life with all kinds of regrets

But I’m trying to get better

My fight is not done yet

I’m not ashamed to admit that I need help

It’s better than trying to do it by myself

Look at me.