'The Destination'

The Destination

by Antony B

You have chosen a path of destruction and despair;

                Allow me to describe the way, the destination, for I am there.

The hurt will continue to build-

                Harden, encapsulate the heart; known as the man of steel,

                Though a man, abandoned and alone.

The ephemeral satisfaction can do nothing to silence the screaming of the soul

                The scream is far too deep

                And the bottle doesn’t have the reach.

                Its only dream is to be heard, that is the nature of the scream.

Don’t become the Devil

                For the Devil doesn’t want to be the Devil

                Dwelling in a hell of his own creation.

                Hell is the finality of life in a dream wasted.

The blood of man can never be washed from the hands –

                And the chains are a heavy burden carried upon the limbs of the damned.

When there is a refusal to learn how to release the aggression

                Two lives will be lost to learn the hard lesson.

The cage will become a place of anguish and prostration

                And the emotional norm is to be lonely and anxious.

                Your pain will be laid bare; mentally naked –

                Lost and forsaken.

There is a cost for choices made

                Don’t be mistaken, debts must be paid.

                You are making a bed, and I am already wrapped in its blankets

                This is simplya courtesy call from The Destination.