'The Joy Ride'

The Joy Ride

by Kareem J.C.

I just want you to know that you are living proof.

That all things destined to be are possible.

Be thankful for your blessings while you’re alive –

Keep a firm handle on the wheel as you strive

While journeying down the highway toward success.


Even if they’ve counted you out keep going –

And to my INNERCITY YOUTH – keep showing – why you won’t let

The political/diabolical schemes around you keep you down.

For every school they close – look at it as another opportunity that arose – That allowed you to shine

your bright lights on whatever bright road you may travel.


To all your doubters, continue to show them you’re setting goals you can reach,

And I’ll be your advocate in having them to provide your schools/teachers

With the proper/knowledgeable tools equipped to teach.


Most importantly, ASK GOD FOR GUIDANCE!

They’ve tried to eliminate Him from your schools –

The Truth is, He hasn’t departed, and never will!

When circumstances don’t seem just – take an unintimidated stand, in Him, you can trust!

And never be afraid to preach!


You’re sheep living amongst wolves, never forget that!

And you’re a child of God – The Good Shepard who provides for his sheep –

You are precious, and worthy of respect!


I once drove the route you’re on and sometimes as a youth and as an elder,

We can be easily fooled, that’s why its important to pray for discernment.

Stay in School! Keep reading, writing, and studying to get all the knowledge,

Wisdom and Understanding you can acquire, so that you stay ahead of the curve –

Because you’re not always going to propel between straight lines –


So proceed with caution when you come across the sign(s),

But, in due-time, you will find that JOY, Peace, and Rest for your souls!


When you look into your rearview mirror after you’ve taken The Joy Ride

And you’re well into your adult years – You’ll be gratified that you’ve attained a

Higher Learning at a young age that prepared you for the high roads and

downward spirals of life. Yes, a mind is a terrible asset to waste – so stay sober!

And full of God’s grace. Enjoy the ride! And Never fill up on PRIDE!

Be aware of you’re surroundings and stay clear of Peer Pressure!

And the polluted negativity in your environment.


“To My Youth”, I believe in You! And I know you can weather the storms,

No matter where you get stranded in life – because I did!

You remind me of me! My shelter came from God and I was determined that HE

Set me Free…. Buckle Up! Keep the Faith! Be Happy! And never lose sight

Of Hope! And along the way be the best Driver you can possibly be.

What road will you choose to travel during your Joy Ride? We’ll see.

                                                                                                                God Bless


“Do not follow where the path may lead; Go instead,

Where there is no path and leave a trail.”

                                                                Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

To: The One. 

I hope this missive finds you in the best of health and in a good spirit – mind, body and soul. I have enclosed my poem on the theme “To My Youth.” I’m glad to have taken part in this entry. Keep up the good humanitarian work. I hope the Youth, etc. enjoys it.

Take care and have a wonderful and blessed day.