'To the Youth of the World'

To the Youth of the World

By Terrence L.

To the Youth of the world

Life aint guaranteed

It’ll bring you to your knees

So listen to me please

To the Youth of the World

You need the right guidance in your life

From someone who is right

Who will help you day and night

No use trying to make it on your own

With no direction, you’ll be lost and all alone

To the Youth of the World

There’s an emptiness that’s real

A void you’re all trying to fill

With all the wrong things this world can give

To the Youth of the World

Theres more to life than phones

The internet and drones

Life is more than what you own

There’s a savior, who’ll free you from your pain

His name is Jesus, He died, so you can live again

He’s the way, the truth, and the life

He alone fills the void, the emptiness inside

He came to die, to die for you

To deliver you from the bondage, you were born into

He will set you on the right path, He will teach

You what is right. He will be with you day and night.

Believe with all your heart. He’ll make things right.