'To Youth in Your Life'

The Youth in Your Life - Essay

by Michael P.

First, I would like to thank “the one organization” in advance for allowing me the opportunity to contribute as an inmate at the Menard Correctional facility to take part in an awareness and fundraising campaign for the empowerment of our vulnerable youth in our society.

In my search for balance and centeredness pertaining to the period between my childhood and adulthood experiences to be of any assistance to the youth in my life especially since being incarcerated for over two decades coupled with the complexity of this particular theme, this purpose requires an individual assessment of the youth I’m talking to.

I have a responsibility to support any initiative that will advance our youth to avoid reckless behavior that will result in behavior that will place the individual in a vulnerable situation or state of mind that is impressionable to negative influences. I try to explain that every day is a challenge that can’t be told in words and the youth must look beyond their mistakes to attempt to become better in their thought process and that process never ends and I encourage the youth to keep pushing even when no one else is watching their conduct.

Being incarcerated has its disadvantage in this particular area with the youth in your life, because an offenders incarceration might be the direct result of a youth’s behavior problem being influenced by those negative characteristics of their current environments. Being a person of interest in a youth’s life from this perspective, you have to accept the sole responsibility for the negative influences obtained during this particular stage in a youth’s life created by your absence.

I try to explain even further that in spite of their current situation without making any excuses for their conduct, I point out that as being a youth in today’s society, that youth have to hold himself or herself responsible for a higher standard that anyone expects of them and always be prepared to give an account of their actions. I try to communicate the importance that all too often they hear a lot of rhetoric regarding what they should be doing; however they do not of course see a demonstration of the actual work being applied by these individuals around them. Good examples have twice the value of good advice. That’s why it’s very important to be consistent with the youth in your life, so they will see the actual conduct being demonstrated.

One strategy that I found to be effective with the youth in my life, is to explain that the life of a person whether it be a male or female, as children we were not defensive and combative as the youth are today, toward new information that was presented to us. We were open and receptive to all types of knowledge as a sponge is to water, and in order to re-experience that blissful childhood inner peace, and never-ending development they once had as a child, they must be 100% open to the possibility of receiving a wealth of information outside of their present state of mind and their influences from their current environment which influence them the most and do not allow themselves to become so egotistically attached to those selfish influences that they will deprive themselves of an opportunity to develop from utilizing the wealth of information by being defensive and combative toward other methods for obtaining positive sources of information from outside of their normal observation or environment influences.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see, the thoughts you convey to the youth in your life will determine their words, which determines their actions, which determines their habits, which will determine their character, which will determine their destiny. We have to be mindful of the conditions we create in a youth’s life, we have to advocate being the “Best” means that something we do is worthy to be shared with someone else. It means that the model that we are using can be taken and implemented for the youth in our life who needs it the most.

In closing, let us find meaning in our human existence through reconstruction of our youth’s perspective and empower their thoughts against being vulnerable to their reckless behavior.


Michael P.