'You live and you learn'

You live and you learn

by Cory R.

                How can I take advice that’s coming from someone that doesn’t even practice what they preach? For example, A smoker telling you “don’t do drugs,” a dead-beat Dad telling you to be there for your children, or a poor man telling you how to get rich. Is it really them not knowing or us not wanting to know? What do we really lose by taking heed? As a shorty it’s natural to just dust off what you perceive as non-sense without even a second thought, so words of wisdom get washed away at the cost of our immaturity and inability to think for the future. Ignorance leads us to judge a book based solely off the illustration on the front of it. Everyone can be slick at talking. Try to be slick at listening.

                One thing I got so used to hearing was “I don’t got it.” Heard it so much that it would echo in my head sometimes. If I don’t have it then common sense says to go and get it. My thirst and hunger for more diminished any and all concerns for the consequences I could face. Being too young for a 9 to 5 job and too cool for school leaves a very small window of opportunity to get paid legally. It’s only human to overcome all the obstacles placed in front of you. Add no parental guidance and a whole lot of unoccupied time in the mix then you got yourself a recipe for disaster. Everybody knows somebody who sells drugs, buys drugs, needs drugs, and really needs drugs so why not get my feet wet? I bet I won’t have to hear “I don’t got it” anymore.

                After some months of selling nickel bags, dime sacks and quarters without incident, I thought I was the man. No pursuit of an education, no worries about my next meal or where it’s coming from, having unprotected sex with females I don’t even really know, without a thought about the possibility of them getting pregnant or me getting burnt. It was like I could do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it. The tunnel vision I had was so overwhelming that a train could have been about to hit me and I would of paid it no mind. Felt invincible. Bullet proof. Now I know that’s not the case.

                How many times have you told yourself “that will never happen to me?” How many times has it happened to you? How many times will you allow it to happen before you do something differently? It took me 3 felony convictions, plenty arrests, one condemned house, baby mama drama, shootings, getting shot at, the spot getting broken into, the deaths of two people closer to me than blood, (Smiley, lil’ Mike – RIP), and a 32 year sentence for first degree murder for me to do some serious thinking. It’s got to be more to life than this. Being a prisoner in your own mind leaves you unable to think outside the box.

Without goals, there is not success. Without success, there is only failure. If you always do what you always did, then you will always get what you always got. Instead of viewing other people’s downfalls as humorous or pitiful, why not learn from them so you can avoid a similar outcome? It’s not stupid to make a mistake, it’s stupid to keep making the same one. Don’t ever disclude yourself from being a candidate for a D.O.C. inmate position when what you do to maintain is illegal. Is the reward really worth the risk? Think about it because it can happen to anybody. The doors are always open.

                Instead of always complaining about what you don’t have be grateful for what you do have. The body follows the mind. If you think negative thoughts and possess un-constructive visions how can you expect progressive and positive things to happen? Would you rather set a record or become another statistic?

                I could of wrote about everything I went through growing up and gave lectures. In my eyes that does nothing but revert back to hipocritical speaking. I would rather ask the questions that I was never asked. Think about the questions and apply them to yourself. Everybody wants a piece of the pie without a knowledgeable piece of mind. Use your brain. What you don’t use you eventually lose. Do what’s important to you, not what’s convenient for somebody else. Be safe out there.

Cory R.